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DeaconFrost, that Miscellaneous Negro

Misguided Miscellaneous Miscommnications

DeaconFrost, The Miscellaneous Negro
Main Entry: mis·cel·la·neous <input ... >
Pronunciation: \ˌmi-sə-ˈlā-nē-əs, -nyəs\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin miscellaneus, from miscellus mixed
Date: 1637

1 : consisting of diverse things or members :heterogeneous
2 a : having various traits b : dealing with or interested in diverse subjects

mis·cel·la·neous·ly adverb

mis·cel·la·neous·ness noun

I am currently one of the moderators of the community  food_porn 

Miscellaneous Negro, Ego Carpe Noctem or in the old days, Noctrnlsunshine, aka DeaconFrost aka The Biscuit Deacon aka ThunderBiscuit.
Been around the internet longer than is probably healthy and on lj in various names.
This is my latest and greatest.

In his everyday life Deacon is a Oracle/SQL Report Developer for the food industry. Deacon works in a small, dark box with a special crayon, and is only occasionally allowed out of the office for walks, lest the general populace be forced to hear tales of how he made gravy the night before. He currently modifies code to make amazing charts and graphs explaining why cow A is prettier than cow B and who makes more tasty milk. Therefore, please send magic beans, chocolate, and motorbikes via the interwebs because bacon, biscuits, gravy and mtn dew does not a diet make.

I have no common sense and will most likely add anybody who adds me back and make very bad comments on your journal.