picked up Batman No Mans Land volume one (yeah i know, im late, screw it,  hated batman for years, im OK with the guy now.. Aqua man is still on my beat in an alley with a wrench list though.)

Three different Fear Itself comics- these are pretty good so far. I like how they parallel real world events, but some of the writing to fill in the back stories feels rushed and shoved in.

and I think the latest Astonishing X-men this weekend. I wanna finish the arc, I am however bothered by what Storm looks like now. 

Not sure what Applehead grabbed.

No school until June then part 2 of C++. So that means more comics and gaming and wedding planning.

I am currently talking to Travel agents about a trip to Vegas and one to Japan.

If anybody knows a good travel person they use and trust I would like to give them money as well.

Writer's Block: You've got the look

Which item in your wardrobe would shock the fashion police? Do you wear it in public?

We actually just cleared out a bunch of clothes before the move. 
including... my leather pants. I wasnt wearing those again. EVER.
they stick to other leather couches btw....
Also got rid of all of the too big for me underwear.

So the closet should be acceptable to any fashion police. The will have to pry my faded 2 dollar t-shirts from my cold dead hands if they have a problem with them!


my food is good but i forget pictures yet again.

 we cooked some green enchiladas last night and made enough to freeze for another day.
Awesome. I love a bigger kitchen with room for two butts in it. With a little team work we cranked out a batch for last night and a batch to put into foil and zip locks bags to freeze. Ill just pop the foil into the oven when we want them again.

we pretty much made a filling with some chicken tenders i cooked and seasoned with cumin, lemon pepper, garlic powder, salt, black pepper and corriander. cooked them until done then chopped them up into damn near chicken dust.

then in that skillets drippings and brown bits added a few spoons of water and cooked down some yellow onions. added a can of Salsa verde and then the chicken back and some creamed cheese and then shredded colby jack cheese. cooked that for about 7 minutes until all mixed and cooked through.

Spooned that into some corn tortillas and into baking dish, covered with more sauce and cheese and baked for 15 minutes at 350 covered and then for 8 minutes uncovered.

With a little salsa it was good.

why people need to take me more seriously.


We have converted the currency in our office to a Tom Selleck picture based system.

We are working the kinks out as we go, just like any market.

In PI we trust.

1 Selleck Pic (SP) is worth a normal task in basic relevance to its size in pixels.
Example, "Can you update me on the status of this ticket?" 1 average size SP.

Major tasks require more pictures and more rare pictures.
Example, “Can you set a mirrored DB so reporting will be a bit more responsive?” A moustacheless SP of large size.

A shirtless SP is worth 5 normal SP
A moustacheless SP is worth 10 normal SP
A goateed SP is worth 5 normal SP
SP in costume for a movie with 5 normal SP
Combinations get values added.

Converting SP

1 Chuck Norris Pic (CNP) is worth 15 SP
1 Richard Dean Anderson Pic (RDAP) is worth 10 SP
1 Wesley Snipes Pic (WSP) is worth 5 SP

Electronic SP (ESP) are accepted but due to processing and bandwidth issues an SP-Tax of one point is deducted.

Physical SP (PSP) are taken at market value and when collected do not change in value barring catastrophic situations with the current SP market. For example, If Richard Dean Anderson becomes popular(or is killed) the SP market may have to be reevaluated. If chuck Norris wanes in popularity(NOT VERY LIKELY) then the system will then have to adjusted. All physical SP must have “In PI we trust” written on the back

Note pictures of TC are only accepted in non English speaking countries.

it happened

today im doing some report changes.

and i have to do math.

worst of all, i really have to "show my work"
i want to yell at my teachers for being right in school because yes, sometimes you do actually have to show your work.

glad i can do it, but mad as hell they were right.

heres to you ya damn smug teachers.

the luck of the wary.


So, with PSN giving me the big screw you.
I started playing DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) for free.

Very fun and I think I said it before, one of the best games in relation to the way the rules work, the voice overs and the puzzles,monsters and world. They are getting better every update and its great.

I dont join guilds right away in most games because I hate politics and craziness. And yes... I feel I am a better geek than some players, lol and dont want to be in a group with people who are shouting stats and reading manuals to me about the benefits of taking an intelligence bonus over an intelligence boosting item....

So the second night im playing i join a two man group with a rogue. My Wizard does insane damage is is a utility mage to get through spots and fill in roles when we are missing people. The guy is telling me about how cool his guild is.
Really, every five seconds, "we are so chill"  "we dont do drama" "we have so much fun and are a real cool group"
OK, he convinces me and I want to see what the new guild mechanics are. I have always been in "guilds" that are very non traditional and so I have missed out on lots of cliches and MMORPG standards. So why not give it a shot.
So I join, the next day I log in, Day 4 3 of playing, I get a bunch of cool greetings and welcomes on the guild chat.  I talk back, swap some jokes and feel at home. I team up with a player. She tells me she is on thin ice with the guild leader. I ask why, at this point, 5 people are kicked from the guild in the guild chat box... Odd, I think.. She says its two of the guild leaders secondary accounts he was just making room. No biggie. Well then she tells me why she is on thin ice.. 
Apparently she just broke up with the guild leader and he was not taking it well... Then He makes her the guild leader, and leaves the guild...
A message goes out right before and 20 plus people leave in mass exodus...
So, im in a private group with this girl. a Paladin and I wanted her bonuses to do some quests. And she pretty much looses it about this.
She makes me an officer and tells me and another guy she needs help running the guild.  Then she tells me her life story.. Why in the hell do people feel the need to do this to me. I am not Oprah/Montel Williams.  Then she says she is gonna rest for a bit after we do some quests. To other guys from the guild join us. Then one sees what happened and quickly leaves the group then the guild. The old leader has a new guild called Elite Smokers (classy) and he joins that one...
So eventually this other guy and myself are newly made officers. I sign off to get something to eat ready. I come back and lo and behold. the girl Shay, makes me leader, changes the message of the day to "I cant take this and I am if you want to join the other guild heres the name. Bye"  she then quits. So now I am the Guild Leader for a medium sized 25+ members, guild in DDO.

a little post to relax a bit

BUSY morning.

good weekend though.

We got little mel back Thursday evening and he was great. I had school and then the next day off.
So did homework most of the day  and hung out with my little fat boy.
He is doing much better and we are glad to have him home being a fart and barking at the apartment gate and garage door opening.
He was a little sore from the poking so not much rough housing. But he woke me up Sunday afternoon from a nap with a little fighting so he is good to go.

PSN network was up and down so much it made me insane. Since cancelling cable TV we use our internet connection A LOT. So at any given time, we have one torrent at least and are streaming video from Netflix or Hulu or the new Roku Channel Crackle, on the internet from a computer or iPad and playing iPhone word games with about 5 people.  But with the PSN issues I have to kill everything to get a connection for about 5 minutes before it drops. Its gotten out of hand so I started playing DDO again for free to relax after working on school work.

Monday. got up early and Applehead had to run the puppies to the vet for yearly checkups and a followup on Mel. I went to work out and then catch the bus to work.
15 minute run on treadmil, insane ab work out and some quick free weight sets, then run back home and make lunch, soba noodles with sesame seeds, soy beans, kelp granules, ginger and sesame oil. Then breakfast, graham crackers with nutella and peanutbutter. Shower and scramble to the bus stop.
The driver was a dick and wouldn't stop in the spot where EVERYOTHER driver stops that is a block closer and literally across the road from my office. So I had to walk a little farther than I would like to the door. But hey, at a 1.75 for a trip, it beats driving hands down.

So at the office tired and  hungry and coordinating moving my pen and paper gaming group to Monday or Sundays and researching why formulas change when my program runs at work. How dare the program say my code isn't perfect!


so many levels.


DnD recap

its been a long campaign, and pretty damned fun..
Lets start at the beginning.

We have a rotating group and its still good because of our regulars.
Amos, a sentient hommunculus with an illusion to look like a gnome. He has several smaller constructs in his employ named Thing 1 - 5 They stack inside of each other and do tasks he needs help with. 
Tepest a teifling with some crazy class combinations, she can heal, do rogue skills and allow us to remake rolls and saves several times a day.
Tila, (me), a sun elf monk on the path to become an arcane archer but with shuriken
Decemeber, a dragon kin ranger
Lola, a shapeshifter bent on making money to pay off a great debt.
A water elf druid
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crazy days but fish at the end.


so melcocha got into some trail mix with raisins.
Raisins are apparently really bad for dogs. Bad for them in odd and unpredictable ways. Some dogs is can kill with one or two others can eat buckets and be fine. It causes acute kidney failure and sometimes doesn't present for days. So we took old farty feet to the vet and they kept him over night, did fluids and charcoal. He seemed OK, our normal vet recommended some more time and to keep checking his kidney function.
So once again our furry kids are costing a mint. BUT its OK and my little fat boy is worth it. We have a credit card for stuff like this and hey, it can be paid off when it gets paid off. 

We were to worried to eat and do much of anything but they called us and said he was doing good and actually peeing. So still had no kidney problems.  So then we cooked and went and bought cookies.

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