DeaconFrost, The Miscellaneous Negro (misc_negro) wrote,
DeaconFrost, The Miscellaneous Negro

a pimp named leftovers, say it with me now!

great weekend.
i mean really great.
did some spontaneous cooking on a few days.
got some more stuff unpacked and put up.
got the computer working which is essential.
now i just gotta get one more working so real and true geekiness can occur
how many working computers in one house is too many....

ill have 4 running ones once i get the last one going, 5 if you L's notebook.

played way to much COV this weekend, i miss that game and it was good.
Cover you eyes children geek is exposing itself.

Got my Super Strength Invul. Brute to 19, within spitting distance of 20.
Made a new test character on another server to see how well he will work. Best Character Name ever.
"NegroBot Jones" who doesnt love a jive talking robot with an afro.
Ill be playing some more tonight after i put up a few of my masks on the walls and clean off my bar area. Im ready to do some liqour purchases in the near future to fill it out and be ready for the cold months.

things im looking forward to in the near future.

o State Fair of Texas
o Some bad cold Weather Freezing and icing and the like.
o First pot of Chilli (NO Beans you blasphemous whores)
o Hot chocolate and grilled cheese sandwich dinners
o Making my own beer for christmas presents.

So this weekend for the eatings

the days run together. but

Olive and Walnut tapenade

Some Corn Tortilla stacked fake quesadilla things, Corn Tortilla fried, chicken fried steak patty, onions and zucchinni and red peppers and cheese, big sweet and good.

Smoked sausage and rice, Sausage in a sweet sauce over steamed white rice.

Grits and Hebrew National Hotdogs, extra thick grits to make sure they held their shape and some scored franks and a sauce from the cooked meat with soy, honey and ginger and butter.

I have some left over brisket from labor day bbq, i may make some brisket fried rice, but i think L likes it so i may save it for friday. i can cube the meat and pre season it with the ginger and black pepper mix and freeze it. make my rice and set it aside in the fridge to get to the perfect texture then bring it all together friday.

gotta be two of my favorite weird dishes.

Brisket Fried Rice - fried rice with brisket and mixed veggies.
Texas Maki - Sushi filled with cooked chicken fried steak and bacon

I want to get the other computer up so that me and L can play retarded characters side by side.
Plan to have it working this week or at least at the point where ill know if i can or cant get it working from the parts I have.

Ugh i gotta plug up a lamp in the bedroom to from ikea and figure out the colors for their.
i need to measure two more windows too for curtains, the light from the pool comes in through the bedroom and bothers me nights when im in bed alone.

hmmm thats a lot of crap i this post.

SO, jambalaya with left over bbq smoked sausage and home made tortilla chips for dinner tonight.


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