DeaconFrost, The Miscellaneous Negro (misc_negro) wrote,
DeaconFrost, The Miscellaneous Negro

not sure what to wear

So, at the end of the Month we are taking out engagement pictures. yeah, we have been engaged for a while, It comes with the package for the photographer and it would be nice to have them.

After looking at engagement pictures and seeing people look kind of blah and boring, and  also seeing some really cool ones, we made a choice. We are doing it at a comic shop. One thats cool and we like and just looks amazing inside. We spoke with the owner and he will let us come in before open and do it. Our photographer loves it and is going to be going to the shop this weekend to take a look and give us some ideas before hand. Now comes my hard part. What the hell do I wear?
I mean its going to be hot. But im not wearing shorts. I can handle some heat (subliminal message-Kendrick is too cool to sweat). But shirt wise, I dont think a busy t-shirt is the thing. Because I don't want to look back on them and have the shirt taking away form the pics. Or is there a way to get one that has something geeky that doesn't ruin it? Or do I just go with a solid simple shirt of some kind with no writing?
Why do clothing models all look like they were just told they can in fact has cheezburger? 
What shows geek but wont ruin the picture?

Any ideas?


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