May 27th, 2011


failing to suck

I left my lunch at home today. So on the way to her job Applehead brings it to me.
Leftovers for the win...

On the way back up to my desk on the elevator a woman gets on.
She says
"oh, man its do darned hot, gonna be a scorcher today, it's gonna suck." (its only gonna be 94, it ain't hot till 100 in my book)
I say
"Well we got AC so its all good."
she says
"Oh, no but its so hot outside!"
Then we go back and forth I say
"Well, do you  have AC at home?"
"Do you have AC in the car?"
"And this building is Air conditioned right?"
"So you leave your air conditioned home, walk at most 30 feet to  your air conditioned car, drive to work, get out and walk maybe about 30 feet to an air conditioned building and stay cool all day.... Sounds like a pretty cool day to me."
She says
"Well, shit, cant I complain at all?"
I say
"Yeah, you can, but whats the point?"
We held up the elevator on the 4th floor to finish that conversation, but at least we were discussing it in the AC.