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not sure what to wear

So, at the end of the Month we are taking out engagement pictures. yeah, we have been engaged for a while, It comes with the package for the photographer and it would be nice to have them.

After looking at engagement pictures and seeing people look kind of blah and boring, and  also seeing some really cool ones, we made a choice. We are doing it at a comic shop. One thats cool and we like and just looks amazing inside. We spoke with the owner and he will let us come in before open and do it. Our photographer loves it and is going to be going to the shop this weekend to take a look and give us some ideas before hand. Now comes my hard part. What the hell do I wear?
I mean its going to be hot. But im not wearing shorts. I can handle some heat (subliminal message-Kendrick is too cool to sweat). But shirt wise, I dont think a busy t-shirt is the thing. Because I don't want to look back on them and have the shirt taking away form the pics. Or is there a way to get one that has something geeky that doesn't ruin it? Or do I just go with a solid simple shirt of some kind with no writing?
Why do clothing models all look like they were just told they can in fact has cheezburger? 
What shows geek but wont ruin the picture?

Any ideas?


for more hunger.

 I had to give this to a coworker so I just copied it over here.

Naan "Mexican" "Pizza"

An indian market called Subzi Mandi opened next door. 
I hit them every day for a week learning the aisles and what foods they had. I also kind of  maybe possibly followed people around and watched what they bought to see what an average customer from India or Pakistan was buying. I mean if they were eating it it must be good. google and wiki can explain the rest to me after I saw what they were buying... not creepy at all.. stop looking at me like that.

So I saw lots of people buying the Kulcha bread. Its like Naan and used in its spot many times.  I got a ton of it for cheap and froze it.

I use it in this recipe and it is just so good.

for last night I made 3 portions and had leftovers of the filling for 2 huge burritos this morning.

3 pieces of kulcha/naan bread. I  buy it frozen because it keeps just fine.
1 lb ground turkey meat
chicken taco seasoning, you can buy  a package or make your own**.
refried black beans, we used a cholesterol free one with no lard.
shredded cheese
salsa, I have been LOVING peach mango salsa recently.
olive oil for the bread
shredded lettuce. Save a step and buy shredded unless you eat tons of lettuce shredded it yourself is a pain.

This is very simple and can be done while drinking beer and doing the running-man dance.
brush bread with a bit of olive oil and set aside for the first few parts.

Now you can cook the turkey meat. until done all the way through.

While this happens, warm up the canned beans with a bit of water to stop sticking. You just want a kind of bean dip/paste refried beans don't need real cooking.
About the time the beans are done and the meat is halfway cooked you can start warming the oven with the bread in it.  Set it to 400 and place the bread with oil inside.
Once it gets pre heated take out and set aside. 
The meat should be about cooked at this point.
Now, you can add the taco seasoning packet if you got it, or your own mix ** and some water and let simmer for about 20 minutes to cook down and really flavor the meat. I really kind of chop my meat as it cooks to make it very small and fine. I hate big crumbles for this recipe.
when the meat is done you can now assemble the pizza.

Layer one is just beans spread out on the bread. This gives a spot for toppings so they don't slide.
Layer two is a bit of cheese, the salt from the cheese helps the beans.
Layer three is meat, it will stick to the cheese and beans and not fall off.
Layer four more cheese, just a little so it melts.
Now back into the oven with these for about 5-7 minutes to heat and melt a bit.
Then crank that baby up to broil. Watch closely and let the cheese melt and bubble but not burn. burning is bad, it WILL make the smoke alarm go off and thus make the dogs bark and then when  you run to fan it and open a window you forget about the oven and the oven then more burning happens and  you end up eating Popeyes chicken and playing video games in a bad mood. Safety first folks, safety first.

Now take them out and add  shredded lettuce, salsa and cheese Don't put too much, it will just fall off.  
You can make this look really fancy on the plate too and amaze your guests.  After it comes from the oven before the lettuce part. Cut it into 4ths. Then  place on round plate and spread out to the four corners of the plate. Now take the other pizza and cut it the same way and place those four pieces in the middle of the plate and slightly spread out so they are not touching.  sprinkle the lettuce and cheese around hitting each slice then top with a spoon of salsa each. Now it looks like a nice appetizer. Sour cream dollops would help to, but me and sour cream ain't getting along right now.
You should have crispy crust and cool lettuce and then warm beans and meat with each bite.
This can be done without meat. But when I heard my guest didnt have a real lunch that day I thought meat would make her feel better.


** taco seasoning is really a mix of red pepper, cumin, oregano, salt, garlic powder and onion powder. for more heat add cayenne pepper to taste


how you roll with it


Whew, Sister(in-law) is in town.

She came in last night and we had a good time being geeks over the Apple release, The Daily Show and Colbert Report.
I made my Mexican naan pizza and with Plano Mexican(only in Plano will you serve Indian bread with turkey and taco fixings and lard free refried black beans) food you have to have Dos Equis beer. It was a short notice meal, but it came out damned good and everybody wanted seconds.

She is in town for a job interview at a school near by so we scouted out the place to make sure she knows how to get there today while we were at work.    

This morning while I was making leftovers into awesome turkey, bean, cheese and chicken burritos, Applehead noticed her sisters car was flat. So we got on the phone with Triple AAA and they should have her up in no time.

I feel bad when I have house guests over and dont have a fully stocked fridge. I also cooked up all of the leftovers for me and Appleheads lunches.  We dont really have snacks, but im sure sis will find the starbucks next door and be gorged on coffee and such by the time we are off work today.

Hopefully everything works out fine.


Writer's Block: The long and short of it

What's the longest book you've ever read? What's the shortest?

Longest has gotta be um either 2001 or 2061, Well, wait, does lord of the rings top both of those...

shortest or sure was a book by Anthony Bourdain, one of his fiction pieces that I cannot recall the name of.

Reading the Hunger Games and the graphic novel Chew right now.

wait, how did both of the things im reading end up being about food?

COPS: Plano, Tx


So last night while sitting and waiting for windows to update we had a surprise.

After sundown last night, it was really quite late,
we sat on the couch to let windows update.
and to our shock we heard a big crash,
sounding like our gate had a smash.
I ran to the window, and looked down far
to see a woman half awake in her car
she sat at the gate with it broken from her skid
she seemed to have no idea of what she just did
I told Applehead "man this is nuts!"
My lady blinked hard and then said "what?!"

Then a screech we heard and I turned to see
the woman escaping and trying to flee.
Our leftovers were stashed, wallet and keys grabbed
and down to the car we went in a dash.
on the road we followed as she bobbed and she weaved.
almost crashing into lights, and various trees.
a median here a curb over there
to say the least her driving was impaired

I called 911
"Your emergency sir"
"This driver is wasted, you should see her!"
"Police are on the way, can you stay on the line?"
"Sure, I'm cool, I have lots of time."

She barely missed a wreck at a huge intersection
and appeared to be confused about her direction
from far left to right her car went to and fro
and then right for a pedestrian her car did go.

She came to stop near trees and brush
and up to the scene the cops did rush.
A statement from my lady and one from me
and we watched as the driver was more than tipsy.

"I had one ambien and maybe a beer"
"Please ma'am can you look over here"
"Follow my light and please concentrate
"Im trying but im tired and its reeeally late"
"Ma'am calm down, we arent done yet"
"If you keep this up ill have to test your breath"
Before too soon the cuffs were on
she fell towards the car then onto the lawn.

We made it back home and cops soon after
they came to see the gate and what was the matter
it was really off track and dinged quite a bit
but another cop came and soon she fixed it.
we called our apartment's maintenance emergency info
and left them a message "dude, check this out bro!"

an eventful night, some would say fated,
and when we got back, windows still wasn't updated.

Now we live on a busy street. Lots of traffic she was gonna take somebody out I just know it. So many times in the last few years we hear stories of drunk drivers and people getting killed. So we couldn't just sit up and hope it turned out OK. So we followed and got the cops the info they needed. When she came to a stop she was about 50 feet from a bridge. The way she was driving she would have easily went over and that would have been it. Also, when she stopped and I got out to get the plate number and the guy she almost hit went to check on her she got afraid to drive off again. So that ended her little rampage. We found out this morning she lives in our complex and has a kid. The apartment office was asking us if she had her little girl in the car(thats how we found out) and luckily she didn't.

Some people have said we should have just called the cops and went to bed. But, I think that attitude gets us all in more trouble most of the time. "let somebody else handle it" "Its not my business" But if you live in the community, many things affect you. We just let somebody else handle it and she hits a family at a light, or takes out electricity for a few blocks, or kills her self, or runs over the dude walking and kills him and leaves the scene. What if he had a family, what if she had her daughter with her? After all, all that is needed for bad guys to win ifs for good guys to do nothing. And if you are driving drunk you're a bad guy in my book.

failing to suck

I left my lunch at home today. So on the way to her job Applehead brings it to me.
Leftovers for the win...

On the way back up to my desk on the elevator a woman gets on.
She says
"oh, man its do darned hot, gonna be a scorcher today, it's gonna suck." (its only gonna be 94, it ain't hot till 100 in my book)
I say
"Well we got AC so its all good."
she says
"Oh, no but its so hot outside!"
Then we go back and forth I say
"Well, do you  have AC at home?"
"Do you have AC in the car?"
"And this building is Air conditioned right?"
"So you leave your air conditioned home, walk at most 30 feet to  your air conditioned car, drive to work, get out and walk maybe about 30 feet to an air conditioned building and stay cool all day.... Sounds like a pretty cool day to me."
She says
"Well, shit, cant I complain at all?"
I say
"Yeah, you can, but whats the point?"
We held up the elevator on the 4th floor to finish that conversation, but at least we were discussing it in the AC.